Eternal Music Productions

We are looking for a rock/jazz band to cover our compositions. We will be producing concerts in the Delhi area and the band that we choose will perform with us: Mahalakshmi & Emam.
We produce world fusion music albums and our last four albums have been heavily based on rock and jazz. We are looking to collaborate with musicians who are already used to playing together as a band so we can perform concerts in the Delhi area. The concerts will be paid gigs.
If you are interested, please send us links to recordings that we can listen to.

Please do not send audio files as attachments.

We will be in Delhi in early September (2022). We will meet in person with the bands
that we are considering and choose who we will work with.

Here are some examples of our music that you would play:

On the Same Tree
from the album: ONE

All that Exists
from the album: Emam & Friends 2020

Light and Ash
from the album: ONE

Gettin Funky
from the album: Instrumental World

Night out in the Tropics
from the album: Instrumental World

from the album: ONE